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LaRhonda 4 Mayor 

Our City. Our Future.

In August 2021, LaRhonda Patrick announced her candidacy for Mayor of Warner Robins, Georgia with voting beginning in October 2021. Through the first month LaRhonda produced a logo, website and principles for her political campaign. 785 Creative was tasked to help elevate her campaign through consistent social media presence and paid advertisements.  


We hit the ground running immediately with only three months to campaign so we could cover all aspects of reaching voters. Our agency answered the call by first guiding and advising on proper video and photo techniques to produce high quality media for social media and commercial use. Next, we produced content that highlighted LaRhonda’s principles that she would bring to her community, important voting dates and upcoming forums. In addition, our overall purpose was to show her social audience and community who LaRhonda Patrick was instead of a typical  “to the books” political campaign. We showcased her family life, her involvement in the community and her career outside of politics.


785 Creative also created partnerships with other leaders around the community to help guide our insight on the community and to create valuable relationships which would essentially contribute to the campaign. 

Our Results:

  • Gained over 1500 followers on social media within a 3-month timespan.

  • Assisted with LaRhonda’s exposure to the community as a running candidate for Mayor.

  • Spent over $200 on digital advertisements that were able to reach and create impressions on over 10,000 people

  • Helped LaRhonda reach a runoff with the current mayor of 8-years who was running for re-election. 

  • Produced a hard-hitting political campaign that resulted in 52% (LaRhonda Patrick) to 48% (Randy Toms) with LaRhonda winning her candidacy as mayor. She made history as the first african-american mayor and first female mayor of Warner Robins, Georgia.

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