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Mission Statement

To create and nurture valuable relationships through intentional inclusivity, storytelling and creativity. and make changes to the font. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.

What We Do

We are a businesses forefront of marketing. We take that steak off your busy plate, cook it and produce happy customers through tasteful content and authenticity.

Our Why

Marketing allows us to be storytellers for businesses so consumers can dive deeper into the quality of a service or product. We create a brand voice that is original and authentic to our client. There is truly no better feeling than helping a company grow through hard-work and creativity. And we pride ourselves in creating intentional and valuable relationship with every client we work with.

Who We Are.



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Woman and Minority-Owned Business

Our Trusted Brands.

Meet The Owner.


Breahna Karmann

Your Creative & Social Guru

Breahna specializes in marketing, branding and social media management. 


In 2019, she received her M.S. in Digital Content Strategy from the University of Kansas and also has two certificates in Social Media Strategy and Data Interpretation. She has 5+ years of experience working in marketing and has also worked with over 15 different industries. 


From 2018-2021, Breahna worked for a creative marketing agency as their account manager doing client management, social strategy, videography, photography, branding, graphic design, content creation and social media management.


While employed there, Breahna began picking up independent contracts for different clients doing graphic design, branding and social media management projects. Due to personal reasons, she eventually left her agency job and began freelancing. 


Currently, Breahna works with several different businesses in 5 states across the U.S. assisting with their marketing, social media management and branding. 

Fun Fact: Over 75% of our clients have been black-owned or woman-owned clients. While we love ALL of our clients, we do pride ourselves in assisting diverse communities.


NextGen Under 30 winner (2022)

What Clients Say.

Keicha D.

Owner of Good Boy Goodies

We LOVE Breahna! She’s dependable, and knowledgeable. I would HIGHLY recommend her!


CEO National Black Professional Athlete Foundation

Breahna is very personal as professional and we've even seen our impact and metrics grow tremendously under her leadership. We pride ourselves with Breahna with her works efforts and couldn't have made our internal goals without her


CEO National Owner of
B4 Performance 

Breahna helped build my business from the ground up and helped elevate the business to a level of GREATNESS! She works very hard to deliver a great product and produces results! Anyone who is looking to take their business dreams to the next level, it is a no brainer to work with Breahna! 

Daron S.

Bazie B.

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