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100 Black Men of Macon

Top African American led mentoring organization

The 100 Black Men of Macon Middle- Georgia is a non-profit organization that empowers and mentors underprivileged youth in America. In August 2020, I began to assist with their social media presence and event promotion. The overall goal wasn't the growth of their following but to keep the audience up-to-date on events and community work they've been doing in the area and to educate. I began this partnership by creating a Facebook page from scratch, social media plan and content for their social platforms. 


We worked together for a year and during that time was able to promote several community events, respond to direct messages, post pictures and keep their audience updated on the positive things that the 100 Black Men were doing in the community. While growing the following wasn't the overall goal, I still successfully grew their Facebook audience and engagement rates.

Our Results:

  • Gained over 600 likes on Facebook within a 1-year timespan.

  • Assisted with the organizations exposure to the community as members who have special events and participate in community-based service.

  • Helped reach over 12,000 people on Facebook in one year ORGANICALLY.

  • Promoted different events in the community that produced an overwhelming participation rate or the 100 Black Men.

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