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Play It Forward Therapy

Our Work Is All About Play!

Play It Forward Therapy is a Occupational Therapy business that offers resources and consulting to current and/or aspiring Occupational Therapists. Their focus is to help other therapists elevate or start their own practices. In the summer of 2021, they contacted me about building a more efficient and organic social media presence for their business. 

With Play It Forward Therapy already having solid branding, my first task was to create a social media plan that offered consistency and engagement for our potential audience. I utilized blogs and content off of the website to begin with, through this I was able to create reels, graphics and educational content that created a spike in engagement. From here I began to repurpose our own content and get ideas from content I've seen on social media to continue creating a personalized and consistent feed amongst Instagram and Facebook. 


After a year of working together, I've began coming up with content for newsletters and also small Instagram and Facebook advertisements to promote services. Through my partnership with Play It Forward Therapy I have seen an increase in followings, engagement and appointment bookings. 

Our Results:

  • Increased the amount of Instagram followers by 161% in one year.

  • Reached 1406 people on Facebook ORGANICALLY in 6 months.

  • Spent $50 overall on digital advertisements (Facebook & Instagram) that were able to reach and create impressions on over 6,000 people in one year.

  • Helped Play It Forward Therapy get at least (2) bookings or inquiries a month.

  • Created monthly newsletters that resulted in an average of 18.98% open rate.

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